The Day You Became Broke Because Of Eating Out

It all started on a fine Saturday night. You went out with friends and the party vibes made you slay your budget and the next morning you were questioning your existence, you then went broke and homeless after making several choices like this and now you do not know where you are! OK, that was an exaggeration but you know that you should reconsider your habit of binge dining out. Your weekly grocery, if you are living alone, may cost $100 but you have to pay $25 for a single meal that too at an average restaurant. Imagine how much you have wasted on a single meal at a fancy restaurant.

You know you want to save money or at least make smart financial choices that is why you are here. Eating out though saves you from a little trouble of cooking and time management but this is not a smart choice from a few perspectives.

The social cost of a fine dine

For starters, it is hard on your pocket secondly you are increasing profits of already some very well-off people which is creating an imbalance of resource distribution in the society. It is better to eat at a home-based small local restaurant in case you have to eat out.

Your money choices of today decide the future of your society, so eat out but limit the times you crash at your favorite fancy dining place. That eating out is also going to give you love handles, so add in the cost of new clothes for those extra inches on your waist. Know that you can get anything in life but with discipline and consistency to your goals.

Eating out is a health disaster

Just a single slice of your favorite cheese add 113 calories to your food. When you do not cook food yourself you do not take in to account the ingredients which eventually results in stuffing yourself up with extra calories. This after a year or so causes your clothes to shrink, you know what I mean. Alright, do not get me wrong being slim or fat is not something important but having healthy eating habits do count. Also, if you are destroying your health just because you love to eat out it is high time you reconsider your choices. Many well-researched studies link cancer and many other diseases to eating out a lot. This will ruin your health and your finances really bad. You do not want to spend a day of your life in a hospital wishing for a healthy life. So do it today make responsible eating choices and take care of your health.

Following are a few tips that will help you out to cook at home so that you save money, live healthily and in your best possible shape

Plan your meals

Most of your decisions to eat out depend upon the lack of management when you are just leaving for work and you do not have any time to serve your stomach. Or it may be that you just came back home so tired to cook, in these situations a logical decision is, of course, to eat out. You earn to afford an easy life not to just keep saving money just for nothing. So the fix here is to plan your meals and get better with your time management. This way you will not have to take the pain making a less smart choice whether it be your health or your budget.

You can make a weekly or bi-weekly budget and shop the grocery accordingly. With all the grocery and necessary items at hand, you will not drift out of your plan. If you successfully made the plan and have all grocery and motivation the congratulations you are halfway through your goal.

Prepare a homemade snack and quick fixes

Again late-night munching will get you off the track and you might regret that after eating a quarter-liter of ice-cream alone. A onetime munching can just ruin your effort of the whole week. So here you need to trick your mind. You cannot always go hard on your food cravings. Instead, trick your mind by replacing the snacks you have with healthier homemade options. A small batch of oven-roasted potatoes may stop you from craving and eating a whole upsize pack of crisps.

Besides, some quick-fix ideas can be really useful when you need to rush. Many fitness enthusiasts fail not because they are making wrong food choices but because in absence of quick fixes one or two cheesy pizza slices are more than enough to never let your abs reveal. So quick fixes and healthy homemade snacks are what you need in cases of urgency and you are good to go.

Always remember why you even started

Keep a record of the amount you are saving by making a comparison of your life choices previously and your life choices now. Take into account everything including the time and cost of travel you are saving and the visits to the doctor you are avoiding. This way you will be motivated to stick to your new lifestyle. Sum that all up and be amazed to see the amazing cut down on your cost of living. Get a step ahead fix that photo of your favorite fitness model in your room so that you know why you even started that you will not drift off the way.

Do follow these tips for cutting your cost of living, your future medical bills and of course for the fitness you always wished.